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Being involved in The Village People Project has been a remarkable personal journey: one of looking, listening, learning, watching, trusting, making mistakes, sometimes even more mistakes– and then doing it all again. Along the way, we’ve experienced so much kindness and patience, and while it hasn’t all been pretty and it hasn’t all been smooth, it has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve been involved in for many, many years.
— Michelle Garnaut, cofounder of VPP
The idea for VPP came from a woman, Kitty Kelly, who had opened her house to her poorer neighbors to wash themselves and their clothes during the cholera epidemic of 1832 in England. The authorities saw the direct link between improved hygiene and reducing disease, and publicly-funded bathhouses were developed. My involvement in Village People Project is part of a longer journey that takes in Liverpool and the thoughtfulness of Kitty Kelly some 180 years ago. The lot of women is central for sustainable development. As some one who has benefitted from the doors being pushed open for women in the professions and business, VPP is a chance to have a positive impact on the lives of other women.
— Josephine Price, cofounder of VPP

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