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Updates Following Our June 2017 Trip

Updates Following Our June 2017 Trip

During our June 2017 trip, we visited six villages in total in Qinghai. In order to assess the success of two completed VPP projects, we visited Dongxiu Village and Zhali Mao Village. The remaining four villages we visited were Jila, Wanjia, Wamao Tang, and Jilaga Village, all of which are in the beginning process of launching the solar bathhouse project.

First Batch of Solar Heaters Installed

Most families have now finished the building work on their bathrooms in Sasuma. 

After we've installed the first batch of Solar water heaters before Chinese New Year, they will have enough hot water for 3-4 showers a day. And they won't need to heat water for washing clothes and dishes and mixing with pig feed over their indoor wood fires.