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Updates Following Our June 2017 Trip

Updates Following Our June 2017 Trip

During our June 2017 trip, we visited six villages in total in Qinghai. In order to assess the success of two completed VPP projects, we visited Dongxiu Village and Zhali Mao Village. The remaining four villages we visited were Jila, Wanjia, Wamao Tang, and Jilaga Village, all of which are in the beginning process of launching the solar bathhouse project.

Dongxiu Village- Progress

Very satisfying to see that work on VPP’s Solar Bathrooms project in Dongxiu Village has been progressing steadily, with many of the bathrooms now completed. Our pictures show Mr Wande, and Mr Wanma Lengzhi and his relatives completing their building work earlier this year. Mrs Dorma Ji is in her family’s completed bathroom, which will provide clean hot water and sanitation for 6 people, while Mr Tsering and his grandson show off their family’s newly completed bathroom.

Revisiting Sasuma

During our recent visit to Haidong Region, Qinghai we called in at some of the villages we have already funded. These pics are from Sasuma, our first Solar Bathrooms project which will provide hot running water and proper washing facilities for 110 households. We visited 10 wonderful families whose bathrooms were already working, the rest had already completed the structures were waiting until after CNY to install the solar panels.

Degang- Latest Village to Apply for Funding

Degang is the latest village to apply for funding for solar bathrooms from VPP and our partner Lotus Charity Association. Conditions are very challenging. Bathrooms with showers, and hot water for washing, cooking and mixing animal feed - produced by the solar panels we are installing - really do change lives in this remote area.

First Batch of Solar Heaters Installed

Most families have now finished the building work on their bathrooms in Sasuma. 

After we've installed the first batch of Solar water heaters before Chinese New Year, they will have enough hot water for 3-4 showers a day. And they won't need to heat water for washing clothes and dishes and mixing with pig feed over their indoor wood fires.