What we have been doing...

Since the start of VPP we have successfully established four VPP bathhouses and four sustainable social enterprises. We serve a population of 15,000 and tens of thousand of showers have taken place in VPP bathhouses.


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Shaanxi Province

VPP has continued its support for the operations of the four MaliDoulaixi community bathhouses; these serve a population of 4800. During 2015 the four bathhouses provided more than 7,600 showers; over 4,600 of which were offered for free or were subvented, benefiting the old, the very young and school children. Since operations began in 2008 with the very first bathhouse, VPP projects have recorded more than 66,000 showers; a growing number are provided on either a subvented or a free basis. 

Baixing Kindergarten

Baixing Kindergarten was founded in March 2010 by Hu Jianqiang and his family. It is situated in Yebao Township, Gansu Province and is about 60 kms west of Tianshui. We first visited the kindergarten when searching for a new project in the area and we were so impressed by his commitment to education and social enterprise that despite not being able to build a bathhouse at that time we have supported him in any way we can and we’re still investigating building a bathhouse on his premises.

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